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CometLeads constructs the fastest cold email infrastructure that matches the needs of our clients.

Maximise your operation’s capabilities

Our model focuses on mobilzing our clients through the onboarding process — towards targeted high quality potential customers, at a faster rate than our competitors.

Save time & effort.

Saving you time and effort, allowing you to solely focus on the business rather than in.

We take care of the grueling work.

We specialize in acquiring qualified leads. We utilize the power of the latest email technologies and tools, to constantly improve on our iterated models — all set up and ready to facilitate your process to start obtaining clients.

We prioritize your growth and success.

CometLeads provides you the leads that propel you to the success you always wanted.
Do not settle for alternatives that waste your time on futile calls and uninterested parties. Focus on the growth you want and nothing more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have iteratively developed high efficiency systems for cold email ooutreach. This is what we specialize in. The rest is up to you, do you want highly targeted clients? Do you want high ticket clients? Do you prefer an exploratory mode in which we find the ideal industries and clients for your business?
The first thing you do is you book a meeting with us, that way we can assess your needs and establish goals and expectations. If we can make sure you'll be happy with our services we will provide you with an agreed amount of potential clients every week and go from there!  
As for the data, we have our own database and have a network of outside specialists that we rely on for particularly niche industries. We also constantly expand our database, this ensures that we are always on top of our game. Aside from our high quality data, we have dedicated years to studying cold email approaches and changed our models accordingly, we know what works and what doesn't, we know which industries and clients to pursue or avoid. Our competitive advantage resides in experience.
We started out as a department in our parent company and pivoted into the private agency we are today. Every step of the way we were outperforming our competitors and were outgrowing our parent company's needs, so we decided to make it into it's own venture. The one that many have been asking us for.